Sports Results Week Ending 15th March

Team Opponents Fixture Type Result Player of the Game
U14 B Girls’Netball Swanmore League Won 24-6 Lucy Davies
U16 A Girls’Netball Swanmore League Won 24-7 Nia Davies
U15 Boys Rugby Courtmoor Hampshire Plate Semi Final Won 15 – 7 Charlie Twiggs-Weatherall
U14 Boys Rugby Henry Baufort Friendly Won 50 – 0 James Hildebrandt
U14 Boys rugby John Hanson Friendly Won 22 – 21 Luigi Forconi
U14 Boys Football Westgate District League Won 5-2 Oscar Newby
U14 Boys’ Hockey Bede’s South Finals Qaulifier Drew 2-2 Joe Jenkinson
U14 Boys’ Hockey West London Free South Finals Qaulifier Won 8-0 Thomas McIntosh
U14 Boys’ Hockey John Hampden South Finals Qaulifier Won 4-0 Harry Wilson
U14 Boys’ Hockey Reed’s South Finals Qaulifier Lost 1-0 Oscar Crooks
U14 Boys’ Hockey Cranleigh South Finals Qaulifier Lost 4-1 Stanley Radakin
U14 Boys’ Hockey Wellington College South Finals Qaulifier Lost 4-0 Charlie Hoad
U12 Boys Football Toynbee District League Won 1-0 James Henderson
U12 Boys Football Thornden District League Lost 2-1 Jack Francis
U14 Boys Football Westgate District League Won 5-2 Leo Webster/Oscar Newby
U12 Boys Football Mountbatten District Cup Lost 4-0 Jake Rees