Thursday 20th & Friday 21st June Sports Day & Legacy Day

Dear Parents/Guardians

I am writing to share with you the PE Department’s plans for this year’s Sports Day on Thursday 20th June and Olympiad Legacy Day on Friday 21st June. This will provide an excellent opportunity for all pupils to compete and participate as part of their House and as part of a team in their tutor group.

Details on the major events which break with the normal school curriculum:


Thursday 20th June – Sports Day

Over the years popularity and participation in this event has grown and we are now proud to welcome over 1300 pupils taking part in a multitude of events, including traditional track and field athletics and the adapted events, which are available to all pupils. We hope that all pupils will buy into the spirit of the day, but they must not in any way use face or body paint.

The structure of the day is as follows:

Morning session – mass participation, with pupils competing in the events that they have signed up for via their tutors, scoring points for their House – and trying to qualify for the afternoon track finals.

Afternoon session – the track finals, wheelchair dash finals and the relays, followed by the presentation. Those not competing in the track finals will be sitting in their Houses, cheering on their team mates as they compete for the Sports Day Trophy and ultimately the House Cup.

Pupils will register in the morning and afternoon but will have a shortened lunch from 12:30-13:10. Following their afternoon registration they will line up in their Tutor groups within their houses before parading to the track for the afternoon finals.

It is hoped that every child in the school finds something that they can enjoy and engage with in the spirit and atmosphere of this annual ‘whole school event’. However, should an individual remain completely averse to taking part then they will remain indoors and be given tasks to complete. Any pupil with a long term injury that would like to be a part of the day need simply wear their PE kit and join in within the limitations of their injury; be that in an adapted event or cheering on teammates.

We will have designated areas open in the main school throughout the day to allow a space for pupils to come in out of the sun should they need to. They will be supervised by school staff and trained first aiders. There will also be first aid provision on the field throughout the course of the event.

We ask that pupils take measures to protect themselves from extremes of temperature by wearing sunscreen, sun hats or conversely, a Kings’ PE jumper/splash jacket if necessary . I would also urge parents to remind their children of this on the morning of the event. It is also essentially important that on a potentially hot day pupils stay hydrated and I advise that they bring a water bottle with them for the day which they can refill at one of the water points around the school. Any pupils who require the use of an inhaler, an Epi-pen or any additional medication should also ensure that it is clearly labelled and on their person at all times.

There will be refreshments on sale throughout the afternoon session in the form of ice lollies, drinks and snacks. Pupils may wish to bring a small amount of money for this, for which they must take full responsibility.

Friday 21st June – Kings’ Olympiad Legacy Day

This is staged to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics and celebrate all current sporting events. Pupils will again remain in their tutor groups throughout this day and undertake a series of different activities against in their tutor teams

  • They will complete a Tutor Group review of their contribution to Sports Day
  • They will undertake a bespoke classroom based activity in their Tutor Group that allows them to investigate a wider aspect of the world of sport and physical activity
  • They will undertake a practical rotation of two different Olympic-themed sports (all of which will be non-track and field)


Clothing for both days:

Due to the structure and inclusive nature of both days (20th and 21st June) we ask that pupils come to school in their full PE kit. The only items of kit that any pupils may wear across the two days are:

Boys: Black shorts, white polo shirt, white socks and appropriate sports trainers

Girls: Burgundy shorts, white polo shirt, white socks and appropriate sports trainers

In addition ALL pupils may also bring their burgundy rugby jersey, black Kings’ tracksuit bottoms, grey Kings’ jumper and a light waterproof jacket. They may wear these additional items in the event of cold or wet weather.


On the Friday all Year 10s need to bring some old sports clothes and a towel for their morning session.

There is to be no contraband clothing i.e. hoodies, sweaters, clothing with logos, non- Kings’ tracksuit bottoms etc. Due to the numbers taking part there will be no changing facilities made available for any of the events. Pupils should not bring in items of jewellery, mobile phones or any other items as the school cannot be held responsible for their loss.

In the event of a cancellation for either day, a notice will be posted on the home page of the school webpage no later than 8am. I appreciate that that by this time some pupils will have left for school. To cater for this eventuality I ask that pupils prepare for this by leaving all the books and equipment needed for lessons on the 20th and 21st June in their locker (or that of a friend) during the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before. Should a pupil have left for school before the publication of an announcement it will be acceptable for them to be in school in their PE kit for the day.

The two aforementioned days will provide a real highlight in the school’s calendar and history, embodying our school ethos of ‘Working Together/Una Laborantes’. Sports Day and Legacy Day are a huge undertaking, but put on for the enjoyment of all pupils. To that end please encourage your child to be enthusiastic, compete in the right spirit and be a part of it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to make any positive comments in the build-up to either event, please feel free to do so via the wall-wisher facility that has been set up, the link for which is

Yours faithfully

Mr A Birch

Mr. A. Birch

Head of Physical Education