Year 8 500Km Challenge

Dear Parent/Guardian

‘Year 8 500km Challenge’ – Fundraising From Home

I am writing to you about an exciting fundraising challenge, that we would love all Year 8 pupils and their families to get involved in, whilst we are still under lockdown conditions.

Each year, the representatives from our Year Council decide on a charity that they would like to fundraise for. This year, our Year Council chose The Playhouse Foundation – a local charity who “provide specialised provision and social inclusion for young children with autism in order to improve functional daily living, communication and interactive play skills”. We also felt that at this difficult time for our healthcare workers we would like to show our support to the NHS Charities Together, so any money we manage to raise will be split between these two charities.

Our plan was to hold a fundraising event during term time, but as we are unsure of when we will be returning to school we did not want our fundraising plans to fall by the wayside. Therefore, I propose the ‘Year 8 500km Challenge’. The idea is that the pupils can walk, run, cycle (or any other more creative way of moving) to add to the cumulative Year Group distance total of 500km.

How it will work:

  • Pupils will have until the end of term, Friday 22nd May, to contribute their distance(s) to the total.
  • Pupils can use a pedometer, smart watch or phone app to track the distance they have moved. Then pupils should email Mrs Sessions-King ( with their distance and I will keep track of the totals.
  • If pupils also want to send a photo of themselves completing the challenge these too can be sent to Mrs Sessions-King.
  • Then family, friends and pupils can sponsor and donate via our Virgin Money Giving page:

When donating, please leave the pupil’s initials only and tutor group on a donation message so we can track how much money each pupil raises.

Important points to consider:

  • A parent/guardian must supervise pupils if their activity is to take place outside of the home.
  • Please ensure you are following government social distancing rules and only leave the house once a day, for an hour duration, keeping a two metre distance from other people.
  • Participation is not compulsory, we simply want the pupils to have fun, keep active and raise money for a good cause!

As an incentive, to help with your fundraising efforts, Mr Gunning and I will be awarding prizes for the following:

  • Greatest distance achieved by one individual over the course of the challenge.
  • Greatest distance achieved in one single exercise event.
  • Most innovative method of movement.
  • Greatest sum of money raised by an individual.

We very much hope that you enjoy getting involved with the ‘Year 8 500km Challenge’ and we look forward to seeing what Year 8 can achieve for our charities.

If you require further information about either charity, please visit their websites:

Yours faithfully,

Mrs B Sessions-King         Mr M Gunning

Deputy Head of Year 8        Head of Year 8